Friday, 8 November 2013

The Taking of Pelham 123 Intro

This introduction is by far one of my favourite out of the ones i have been looking at. It is attention grabbing and at first causes you as a viewer to have no certainty of what the film is going to be, before you then see a montage of different characters and scenery including; train station, subway sign. Given the audience an idea of what its going to be about.

The main reason as to why i have been inspired by the opening moments to this particular film is purely for the reason that it initially creates a mellow, sort of peaceful environment with the use of an instant panoramic shot of New York. This instant mood thats created by this specific shot misleads the audience into what the film could be about.

However, a great juxtaposition is created with the sudden use of the Urban/Hip Hop style music. By having the unexpected use of this contrasting music it instantly makes the audience question their initial thoughts about the film.This then has a positive effect on the film as it leaves the audiences adrenaline rushing urging them to continue watching.

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