Monday, 24 February 2014

Component 8: Location Recce

What is Location Recce?

Well, Recce is in-fact a military term that has been borrowed by media production in the United Kingdom. The word 'recce' actually derived from  wars 'reconnaissance'. It refers to pre-filming visit to a location to work out its suitability for shooting, including access to necessary facilities and assessment of any potential lighting or sound issues, and is closely related to location scouting.

Below is one example of how a location can be chosen (Recce Sheet), however there are other ways a director may decide to choose his location. He may send a scout with a camera/video recorder and instruct them to record the environment, so that later on the video can be analysed and the Director will be able to make a decision.

On my left is a Location Recce sheet.

It consists of multiple answer boxes in which the Location Scout will fill out when deciding if the location is suitable.

Component 7: Call Sheet

What is the call sheet? 
The daily call sheet is a film making term for a sheet of paper created by an assistant director. It is then issued and given to each member of the cast and crew of a film production to inform them of where and when they should report for a particular day of filming.

The production schedule is listed by call time. It includes all the times when people are expected to start work on a film set.

Importance of a Call Sheet & how to fill one out. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Component 5: Crew Selection

The Clique

Curtis Django Grant Actor/Director

Dom Grimshaw Actor/Director

       Lydia Hayward Actor/Camera/Co-Director

Crew Selection:

After discussion, we as a group decided to not include other members within the crew team. We came to this conclusion as we thought it would be a better idea to make this film our own. 

However, we have decided that we are going to hold auditions to develop a strongly talented casting list.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Component 4: Shooting Script

What is the Shooting Script? 

The shooting script itself is a more elaborate and precise version of the screenplay. It isn't actually composed by the screenwriter, as common sense would predict. The shooting script is written by the Director, alongside his Cinematographer, whilst they discuss and plan their ideas for shots and desires for the movie.


The screenplay shouldn't consist of many directions, as it is an advertisement product.
However, the shooting script is more directional, as it is composed by the Director.

Components of a Shooting Script.
- Broken into Shots.
- Precise Terminology (Cinematography)
...e.g. (Close Up, Dolly-In) 
- Divided into Dates

Another purpose of a Shooting Script is to benefit the whole crew and production teams organisation, giving them a precise idea of what is going to happen and when.

Video below consists of a brief production description.

The purpose of this video is describing the actual process of how a movie is produced/created. It isn't as simple as many people think. Although, as discussed, the process isn't actually as complex as expected.

Component 3: Script

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

** How a Treatment is created.

Above is a video that i have found whilst browsing youtube for some extra knowledge. The video consists of all the information needed to write a screenplay during the process of making a film. It is very easy to follow and clear to understand and will give us some guidance when it comes to writing our screenplay.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Component 2: Treatment


What is Film 'Treatment?

- Film 'treatment' is almost like a preview, it is a piece of prose that is typically the first draft of a screenplay for a motion picture/TV series.  They are usually longer and more detailed than an outline.  

A treatment is more like a short story, however they are told in the present tense as the events occur.

Our films concept, along with the themes and main characters within our project will be made evident to the audience during the treatment. The reason for making a treatment will be in hope that we can gather a larger audience for the final film. 

There are 2 parts to the treatment.

- Original Draft Treatment 

... is created during the writing process, it is long and detailed. Consists of full-scene outlines that have been put together.

- Presentation Treatment 

... is created as presentation, the presentation cards are wrote in order, including only the important story events that make up the scenes.  

... is the full story in its simplest form, consisting of three main points; Concept, Theme & Character. 

Component 1: Pitch


What is the 'Pitch' process ?

- The pitch process within filmmaking is very similar to the idea of a pitch within the sales industry. The pitch will be a concise, constructed verbal or visual presentation, consisting of ideas that a screenwriter/director may have for a film/TV series. 

Who is the 'Pitch' given to ? 

- Will be delivered to a producer or studio executive. In my groups case, this will be delivered to our teachers.

Why is the 'Pitch' being given?

- In hope that the ideas are appealing and result in financial development so that the screenplay can be paid for and written. The reason for our pitch is so that our teachers approve before hand and think that our idea is feasible.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Media Pre-Production Overview

Media Pre-Production
 In filmmaking and video production, pre-production formally begins once a project has been greenlit. At this stage, finalising preparations for production go into effect. Financing will generally be confirmed and many of the key elements such as primary cast members, director and cinematogropher are set. By the end of pre-production, the screenplay is hopefully finalised and satisfactory to all the financiers and other stakeholders.
Some of the things that occur during the pre-production process consist of, the script being broken down into individual scenes storyboards and all the locations, props, cast members, costumes, special effects and visual effects are identified. An extremely detailed schedule is produced and arrangements are made for the necessary elements to be available to the film-makers at the appropriate times.

Sets are also constructed, the crew will be hired, financial arrangements are put into place and a start date for the beginning of photography is set. At some point in pre-production there will be a read through of the script which is usually attended by all cast members with speaking parts, the director, all heads of departments, financiers, producers, and publicists.

In a nutshell, pre-production is the process that takes place just before production begins. The process involves the preparation of all of the elements involved within the chosen media type (film, play, or other performance).

Pre-production is one of the 3 parts of the production phase. It occurs first, before production and then post-production occurs after this.