Thursday, 14 November 2013

Shot Reverse Shot

As you can see above, i have filmed a small sequence of the film Shark Tale.

The reason I chose to film this specific part of the movie was due to one of the camera technique that is used. This camera techniuqe being the 'Shot Reverse Shot'. I have chosen to make a post about this specific shot as it is one that i am most likely to use within my final piece. It is a very effective, yet simplistic shot and when coming to make my film this specific technique wouldn't be a difficult shot to include within the film.

This particular shot is effective as it uses a 'flip' action to enable the audience to see the reactions from both angles. It creates a juxtaposition for the audience within rapid concession. It is effective when trying to portray comedic reactions, for example, in this specific moment that i filmed, the reactions of both the Rasta Jellyfish and Oscar the Sharkslayer are shown via the Shot Reverse Shot causing the audience to laugh, working in favour of the film as it keeps the audience entertained.

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