Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Horror Techniques

For the final project, I have chosen to work with Curtis Grant. After some discussion and thought, we developed an initial idea for our piece, we decided that the genre we were going to draw our focus on would be predominately Drama, however with the use of some Horror techniques.

Once we'd came up with this idea we started to think about how we could create our final piece. We thought it would be a good decision to start exploring the different components that would be found within a Drama or a Horror, which is what we will be doing over the course of upcoming lessons.

Firstly, we decided to focus our research into the genre of Horror. We discovered that within a horror film it is crucial to cause the audience members to go into a state of 'Fight or Flight', this is where the audience's mentality tells them whether to continue watching or whether or not the film is too scary. These moments within the films that lead up to that 'Fight or Flight' state cause the audiences adrenaline to rapidly increase, therefore successfully meeting the intentions of the movie. 

Above is a video that we have created to show two very simple but effective techniques that would be seen in a horror movie that we could potentially use.

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