Thursday, 7 November 2013

School Video

Above is a video that we created earlier on in the year with the school. I have gathered a good few ideas from the opening moments of this video, including; sound, camera , lighting effects and positioning ideas.

The first thing that I recognised as being effective from the video was the sound. With the use of, what comes across as, alien like sound effects, an atmosphere is created that holds a supernatural kind of feel to it, which relates to the videos purpose. This has not only given me the idea to maybe include sound effects rather than a soundtrack, but it has got me thinking about how important it is to use elements that are going to relate to the purpose of my work.

Another feature of the opening that I thought was quite powerful is how the writing is printed gradually onto the fencing. This was effective in this video as it reflected that idea of illusion that the video is trying to portray. I also payed attention to the font used, and i found that having a large size font for the first bit of text shown does have a good effect on he viewers eye, however i will need to do more research before i decide what i am going to use.

I also like the idea of having the first person that you see in shot facing the other way.  As it creates that idea of mystery and draws the audience into an element of question as to who the character is, leading them to continue watching. This technique is again simple, yet very effective. It would also be very simple to use this technique within my work as it only takes a simple moving back shot to successfully pull of this feature.

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