Thursday, 7 November 2013

Purpose of My Blog

Why have I created this blog?

I have created and designed this blog so that I can upload posts whenever and wherever, based on or related to the given stimulus.

The stimulus for this blog is the task that has been set in which we have been instructed to create and produce a 2 minute long opening sequence to a film, using gathered inspiration, personal ideas and thoughts gathered from exploration into a wide variety of opening sequences.

The purpose of making the blog itself is to allow me to have one allocated storage space for all of my ideas for my project and a space where I am also enabled to upload different types of media which I have looked at, analysed and gathered inspiration from.

Having this blog is going to help me drastically, as I will gather as many different types of information that have or could inspire my opening sequence. Therefore, during the process of making the film I will be able to refer back to my blog which will include all of the inspiration I have collected over the year.

Examples of this could be:

- Video clips of current opening sequences.
- Clips of potential sounds that could be used.
- Handwritten work that I may of done in spare time.
- Images

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