Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Spider-Man Opening Title Sequence

The title sequence above is taken from Spider-man, it is a non simplistic and very interesting display of opening credits. I think that it grabs the audiences attention straight away through the use of contents that will be within the film, also the music clearly indicates that the film is going to be action-packed. It is essential for the audience to feel automatically drawn into the film. This ensures that they will continue to view the film, therefore increasing the films status and benefiting the films distribution in the long run.

The first piece of text we see on screen is the production companies name. This is an effective technique to use, especially that the company in this instance is Marvel, as if the production company are seen as prestigious and behold a good reputation the chances are that more people will want to continue watching the film. This again compliments the film itself and its will lead to a positive increase in distribution figures.

Another positive about this opening sequence is that it is very unique. It isn't simplistic and it comes across intriguing and, in some ways, challenging to the eyes of the audience. One major thing that benefits the presold audience, is the fact that we instantly see the stereo typical colours of red and blue. This automatically entices the audiences attention as it causes the younger majority to get excited and eager to see more as the colours of spiderman are instantly used within this sequence. Using this element of mise-en-scene also benefits the film aesthetically.

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