Friday, 25 October 2013

Fast and Furious 6 Opening Credits

During the inspiration phase, another opening sequence that caught my attention was from Fast and Furious 6. This opening sequence is very powerful and in many ways effective, benefiting both the film and the audience.

The first thing you see, as an audience member, is the two main characters from the previous F&F films. This is extremely effective. By instantly showing 'Dom' and 'Brian' (Main Roles) it automatically draws in the audience, causing them to feel engaged into the film right from the start. Benefiting the audiences attitude towards watching the rest of the film, painting a good image for the film before its even started. Another effective element of the opening moments is the first bit of dialogue that we hear. We hear 'Dom' say 'Let's go for a little ride' . This gets the audience excited and eager to find out what happens next, which is always a good trait for a film to have as it builds an instant atmosphere within the audience.

The background music used within this sequence is in some ways positive and in other ways negative. Positive, as it is suitable for the audience that the film is targeted towards and it was a very popular track at the time of the movie being released. Not only this, but due to the songs lyrics and its up beat pace, it gets the adrenaline of the audience immediately going, again causing them to feel fully engaged and eager to watch the film. However, if an audience member was, for instance, an older male or perhaps a female, then the music used may put them off of the film. As they could potentially think that the film is too common, resulting in a more arrogant approach when watching the rest of the film.

This has got me to think about whether or not the elements and techniques I decide to use within my opening sequence are going to match my chosen target audience and whether or not my sequence is going to be able to maintain an engaged audience from start to finish. I think that if the target requirements I set prior to practical work are all met, then my opening sequence will be successful.

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