Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lord of War opening title

When looking for inspiration to benefit me when creating my opening sequence, i decided to browse Youtube to gather some different ideas off of others work. One that i did come across and took interest in was the 'Lord of War' title sequence (above). One reason why i think this sequence is effective is that the first text we see is 'Nicolas Cage'. This benefits the film quite drastically as Nicolas Cage is a very prestigious actor, therefore automatically indicating to the audience that the main character is Nicolas Cage, resulting in a larger number of demand to see the film.

Another reason as to why this sequence is effective is that automatically we can see, what seems like, the crafting of bullets. This instantly indicates that during the film there is a very good chance that there will be use of weapons, which usually would draw more attention to the film as its highlighting that the film is going to be action-packed. On the other hand, the way in which the title sequence is displayed isnt very entertaining as such, which could initially put the viewer off watching. However it does show great detail into the craft of the bullets, therefore relating back to the title 'Lord of War'.  This could potentially be to indicate how detailed the battle scenes are going to be.

Another element I like about this sequence is that although it is quite simplistic, it causes you, as a viewer, to wonder about what the film is going to consist of.  The best way to describe the sequence would be as a foundation of thoughts for the different possible outcomes of the film, which would cause the audience to feel somewhat interacted with the film from the very beginning inviting them to view more. Also, technically the chosen sequence isn't simplistic, which also benefits the viewers interest towards the film from the moment it starts.

I also think that another clever feature of this opening sequence is that it almost has its own separate narrative within it. the intentions of the sequence are to show the audience the craft of the bullets in detail, from start to finish. This is bemnefitial as it strongly represents the detail that will be shown in the film.

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