Friday, 2 May 2014

Script: Before & After

First Draft

Second Draft (Final Draft)

Skyler:                  Hello Mr. Dwayne, Officer Tenpenny, I hope you've had a
                             lovely flight. Now you're probably wondering why I've led
                             you to the beautiful city of London right? Well it just grew
                             on me, you know when it just grows? Like an addiction,
                             like a drug, like cocaine. Then it got me thinking..

*split screen*

Skyler:                 How could I.. Skyler..
Dwayne:              Alright, Tenpennys here to pick me up now I'll report back
                            in an hour.


Skyler:                 Draw in a man like you?
Tenpenny:           Quick get in, hurry up!

Skyler:                 Oooo (laughs) her son. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a
                            warm welcome to the young Spencer Porter (laughs).

Tenpenny:           Okay okay cut to the chase have you got any updates on this
                            punk Skyler huh?

Dwayne:              Don't worry he won't get away this time. Ahhh sh*t.

*split screen*

Dwayne:             It's Michelle... Michelle?
Skyler:                Now if you want your Michelle to see her sweet sweet Spencer
                           again you'll do what i say. Or i'll put a bullet in Spencer's
                           F**king head!


Dwayne:            Hey, pull over now. It's Skyler. He's sent us another stream.
Skyler:               It's really been playing on my mind, what's more power,
                          dangerous, the gun?

Skyler:               Or the thought? The gun gives the opportunity, but the thought
                          pulls the trigger. If you're thinking about tracking this then
                          you're mistaken Dwayne cos' i filmed this 72 minutes ago
                         (laughs). So once again Dwayne.. you're BEHIND TIME!!!

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